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Just Starting

Are you new to church audio? Grab this detailed checklist and find out everything to do during the soundcheck to practically guarantee a successful audio production.

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Mixing Vocals

Want to create great sounding vocals? Get this checklist and discover the steps to take so the lead vocal pops out in the mix. Plus, find out how to blend backing vocals.

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Gear Selection

Are you confident in your equipment? Would you like to know what gear is hurting the production? Get this checklist and find out how your gear rates and what do to about it.

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What Others Are Saying

Chris Wood

“Your articles have created an absolute watershed in our church tech team! Our sound is better, our service to the music team faster and I can personally attest that my whole view on ‘how’ to mix has been completely changed. Thanks again for your wisdom and guidance and for helping create an audio revolution in our church.”


Ron Fink

“I just finished the entire Audio Essentials for Mixing Vocals earlier this week. It proved to be a great resource for me and it will definitely be my go-to reference when dealing with vocal refinement in my approach to mixing vocals in our church.”


Kevin Corson

“I mixed my first service after going through some of the material [in the Audio Essentials guide] and I definitely noticed a difference with the vocals being more in the pocket where they should be instead of blending too much into the overall mix. We have a tough room to mix so I was pretty happy with the results.”



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